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98 Maxima heater & A/C blower problem

OK, here’s the problem. I have four different A/C & heater blower speed settings: off, 1, 2, and 3 (3 being the highest setting). The blower doesn’t work on setting number 1 or on setting number 2, but will work on setting number 3, which is very annoying due to the large amount of air it pours out. If anyone can explain to me why this is happening and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it.

Either part of the motor burned out or a motor support component failed. Check the support components (probably some ballast resistors) first as they’re much cheaper than a new motor. And don’t forget to check the switch, wiring, and fan relays if there are any.

If it’s an ECM/VS motor (very unlikely as ECMs have more than just 3 speeds), the control electronics might be bad.

[b]The most likely cause for the loss of the lower blower speeds is because of a failed blower motor resistor block. This resistor block is usually mounted to the blower housing very near the blower motor.

All the lower blower speeds are controlled by passing the voltage thru the resistor block. However, the highest blower speed bypasses the resistor block, and the blower motor recieves full battery voltage. And thus the highest speed.

Contact your local Nissan dealer and aquire a replacement resistor block. This way you’ll have it in your hand so you know what to replace when you see it.


The blower resistor pack is shot. The resistor pack is what allows the blower (fan) to run at speeds other than high. Replace the resistor pack and you’ll have all three fan speeds again.

The resistor pack should be mounted in the ductwork near the blower motor.

You have the same problem that many others on here, you need a new resistor. Cost about $14 for a Dodge. Probably be $85 for a Maxima