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Blower speed switch

Let me try and give you my rundown real quick.I bought this 96 honda civic hatchback and it only had speeds 3 and 4 on the blower motor speed switch that worked. The blower stopped working completely about 6 months after that. I went with out it for a while then I decided to tear it apart.I couldn’t figure out why it would do that. I finally pulled the motor itself out and found it still powers up.Then i found out that i am not getting power to the motor.Well to make a long story short I checked relays and fuses and all that.One day I pulled all the relays out that dealt with the blower motor put them back in then it worked again but only the 2 speeds.There is a little relay that is what the wiring schematic calls it but on the part it says climate control.It is a little plastic part that has 2 metal windings on each side then one winding connecting them and the one in the middle is broke.I pulled this out and watched it when I turned the speeds on. When the #3 speed is on the outside windings get red hot and #4 it does nothing.Now if I unplug this the heat won’t turn on at all.My question to you is could this piece be what is causing me to only have two speeds that work,if not what else could it be? I am stumped as to what could cause this.Please help me out I would appriciate it greatly.

Thanks Derrick

You’re looking at the blower motor resistor block. This is what controls the blower speeds. Go to the dealer and purchase a replacement and install it. All the blower speeds should function after doing so.


Only want to add one thing. It is possible the blower fan is going out and it is drawing more than usual current and that is what is blowing the resistors.