Blower Motor (heater)

I have a 2000 Lexus RX300, with over 200k miles.

The motor blower is making this very (at times) loud noise. To take a closer look, I removed the glove compartment to take a better look at the unit itself. I took a closer look at the blower motor itself and it looks like the top piece of the cone is cracked a little. This is where the little clamp ring is located on the tip of the cone.

The noise is definitely coming from this area. I was going to just replace it, but could there be anything wrong with maybe one of the servo motors as well (Airmax or Mode)? It seems that at times (out side of the main noise) the air is not being distributed properly.

I think you are on the right course by looking at the blower fan blade as the source of the noise. There could be an alignment problem.

you mean with the fan bland itself, right? I definitely noticed that crack on the top. I’m going to probably go with that, but just thinking do I go to a salvage yard for a used one or buy a new one?

Could be something has fallen into the ducts.

I just picked up the blower motor, so I will give that a shot. When I replaced the cabin filter back in Dec. - there were 2 acorns in along the side of the filter case. I couldn’t believe something that big get as far as that.
What do you know about the Air Inlet Servo Motor?