01 Honda CR-V fix heater blower

The heater blower in my car one day i went to use it was making alot of rattling noises i assumed was a leaf and turned it on full blast hoping to lose it. It continued, then went away, now it’s back. One day it was running full speed then i heard something odd. I herd the noisy motor/rattling then heard like wurrr bonk bonk bonk. Sounded like maybe the fan blade blew off, but it was still blowing fine. Still works fine, but is still loud. I gave a relative a ride today, he was like you need to clean that out, said he had cars that mice get in and this happens. He said was matter of time probably till didn’t work and i’d lose heat.

I looked at the blower today found 2 star screws, removed them i dug around found 3rd one they say these blowers have online. The one is in the back behind a huge gob of wires, and part of the flooring, or lower wall. I have no idea how to get that one out there seems to be plug near the wires, but i don’t want to unplug that not knowing if i can without messing up something. I have no idea how the die panel, etc would come out.
They said online these things are a pain. I was kind of planning to junk it in the next couple years because the body is severely rusting. Parts of under chassis are falling off, or breaking because parts are rusted so bad. Replacing a $~80 fan that still works but loud seems silly to me. My guess the motor is failing not junk in the fan.

If it’s rusting so bad, I would get rid of it if you can afford to. Sounds as if it is dangerous.

Not really falling off i guess, but something like taking a bolt holding on a pipe cover, etc sometimes instead of coming out they just bust out of the frame with the taped part of the frame still on the bolt.

If the only way to access that third screw is to unplug the harness you will have to do that. These can be tricky, trying to figure out how to unlock the connection.
you could call around and find a replacement blower and then go have a look at the connector before buying it. Most parts houses are pretty helpful that way.


Seems i fixed it i took off the two screws i could get at, tried to remove it, but couldn’t because 3rd screw. I decided put it back in save for a day i have more time. Seems to have went away, so i don’t know was something lose in the joints, or just doing that somehow got rid of the junk in the system.

Congrats. Yes, sometimes just taking the part out and putting it back in fixes it. I’ve had that happen to me too. And I usually don’t know why. Best not to ask too many questions I guess … lol …