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2009 Lexus ES350 Chirping noise when heat's blowing

There’s constant chirping noise from the passenger side when heat’s on. If it raise the flow setting, the sound becomes more rapid. Is it time for a new blower and how much would be the avg cost to get it replaced?

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Could be blowermotor is on its way out, but could also be leaves or other debris in the fan.
Can not comment on cost. This will vary with the location, shop rates, diagnosis, and source of parts, whether from Toyota or aftermarket.

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Noisy blower motor. A new blower motor is $125 to $170 and about one hour labor.

Agreed - probably the bearings in the motor are shot. I tried oiling them in my 1999 Honda but within a couple weeks the noise was back. Tried two aftermarket blowers but they made an annoying whine. Got one at a junkyard and it’s been OK for a decade.

I’m 95% sure you just have leaves or twigs in your blower motor that need to be cleaned out. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then you might need a new blower motor.

Leaves can fall into the blower wheel when replacing the cabin air filter and cause a flutter sound, most of the time the squeak is from the motor bearings.

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I does sound like it could be the blower motor. Doesn’t mean it’s going to fail tomorrow. It could last for years.