98 Lesabre heater fan

Heater fan works at times and times does not work. Once when I hit a good bump it started to work and yesterday I hit the top of the dash and it started to work. Once it kicks in it works perfect.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

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Replace the blower motor.


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Tester being logical again ! :wink:

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The blower motor and the fan cage both have shafts that rotate inside bushings, and those bushings wear out eventually. An electric motor’s hardest job is to get the rotation started, and worn bushings make that job even harder. It’s usually more cost effective to replace the motor and/or fan cage w/new versions rather than attempt to replace the bushings.

The bushings aren’t worn.

If they were, the blower motor would make a squealing noise.

The brushes in the blower motor are worn.



Definitely another possibility. Same advice goes, buy replacement. I’ve experienced the same symptom with an induction motor fan. No brushes on that design.

In the old days when it only took five minutes to pull the fan, I’d drill the rivets out and lube it. Now you just replace. The other thing would be the hvac controller but hitting the dash likely wouldn’t affect that.

I presume you mean you lubed the shaft & bushings and got it spinning again. I’ve had electric motors fail b/c of both reasons, bushings/brushes. More often w/me it is the bushings, but recently experienced brush problems on both a portable circular saw and a Dremel tool. Either way it won’t spin.

I must have missed the part where Knocksensor asked for help .

You guys lubricate your blower motor bushings every 25 years? I think the blower motor should be replaced, the brushes are not expected to last this long.

I’ve never had a vehicle hvac blower motor fail myself. Blower motor resistor failure though. I’m surprised worn brushes would be the most common failure mode, blower motor neither a high power nor high speed device.

Yeah lubed the bearing. More time than money during the macaroni years.

Heh heh though I don’t think I ever had brushes wear out. I know I have replaced them in a mixer, drill, alternators, etc. but they were never bad. Before I bought my super duper vac, I went over my old one that was maybe 20 plus years old. Changed the brushes but they weren’t even half gone. So brushes wouldn’t be the first thing on my list. I gotta believe that some rebuilt alts and motors are never changed.


The wiring connectors to the blower resistor assembly are loose. Unplug the harness and repair the contacts.

Yes it was the motor. Thank you.