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Blower motor control

My '97 Chev only has med and hi speeds and my husband thinks it maybe a resistor problem but he doesn’t know where it is located.

Its probably crammed up there under the dash on the passenger’s side. Stick your head down under the glove box, find the connector for the blower fan and follow it away from the fan. The next thing you hit should be the resistor.

I agree. It should be between the blower motor and the firewall. You have to remove the kick panel under the glove box to see it. There are probably plastic push-on fasteners that hold the kick panel in place. I use a puller tool to remove the fasteners. It might be worth it to get the tool. You might also need to buy replacement pop fasteners to replace the kick panel. The tool and fasteners are available at an auto parts store (I got mine at Advance Auto Parts) and they aren’t expensive. If you want to replace the blower motor resistor yourself, let us know. There isn’t much room to work and it’s difficult to see back there. I’ve done it and I’m sure others on the board have, too. We’ve got tips if you want them.

It could be the fan switch.

Your husband is likely right.

Finding it is the easy part. Getting to it is the hard part. Cost of parts is low.