Blower resistor where is it?


i have a 93 newyorker that the fan qiute machanic saidto get a motor for it .I did that then I go to pick up the car and then he says it needs a blower resistor .I pick up one of them and he says now I have to find out where it is.He says they are normally next to the motor but this one is not.Now he is tyring to find it but still hasnot.All the time I am being charged labor for this.Anyone that knows where this might be please tell me so he can go directly to it.THANKS


Um…your mechanic needs us to tell him where the blower resistor block is? He told you to buy a motor when the resistor block was bad?

I strongly recommend that you find a new mechanic. A parts-store repair manual will tell you, and good shops have something muuch better…a subscription to a service like Mitchell’s. These services carry up to date detailed drawings, exploded views, and parts lists of everything on the vehicles on a web site format. They also carry specs, manual-type repair data, TSBs, etc.etc.

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[b]Have him remove the glovebox. Sometimes Chrysler hides them behind there.

But I know one thing is for sure! I wouldn’t be able to determine if there was a problem with the resistor block until I got the blower to work again.



Try here:
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