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Blinker wont shut off

I have a 94 Eagle Summit. The left blinker will not turn off. The right one will not turn on. The hazards work. The left fender was damaged several years ago by a deer and the front blinker is broken. My brother thinks it is possibly a short in a wire from water getting in there. Any other ideas? I am driving other drivers crazy with the left blinker constantly flashing, but I cant afford to get it fixed. Should I remove the bulb? Is it attached to the brake light in any way? Thanks for any help.

The ticket you get will have to be paid, so you know what the next step is and it involves calling a family member who has a few extra bucks kicking around. In fact, you may have to go for the big prize and try for an entire car. You can take the bulb out if your turn signal is yellow. Then you get a ticket for a different reason.