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2015 Chevrolet Equinox - Bo display

The radio display screen is not coming on. We have tried unplugging all fuses, we have pushed the blue button on the rear view mirror, we have disconnected the battery, etc. We have done it all. We have bought two used radios to try and replace the radio, neither one of the display screens on them come on either. People says we need to unlock it but we can’t get a display screen to even do that. Please let us know is this the cluster, or the DVD player, or what. HELP PLEASE!!!

our 16’ equinox has a display screen that is multi function. radio, backup camera, navigation. dont know if your rig has nav? but, if you change out HU i would image there is a reprogram step involved to make it work

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If it needs to be unlocked they would use a scan tool and wouldnt necessarily need for the screen to be on .

Before replacing the radio look carefully underneath the dashboard to see if there’s any associated suspect electrical connectors. Look carefully at the pins and sockets for sign of corrosion or misalignment. If nothing found and the dealership can’t solve the problem at their shop, you best bet may be to improvise a non-Nox replacement stand-alone radio installation.

OP put in 2 different HU,s? i would give in and go to dealer at that point