Better Gas Mileage

Has anyone tried the water4gas products to improve gas mileage? It seems to good to be true, but I have a friend that installed it and claims to get 50MPG!

Scam, scam, scam and more scam.

Is your friend a distributor for water4gas?

Your friend doesn’t want you to know he got suckered with this blatant swindle.

When people get scammed into buying something like this, they can’t admit embarressement, so the lie about the relults. It’s natural; politicians do it all the time.

Most people don’t know how to precisely measure their gas milege. A friend was buying a used pickup truck to pull his 5th wheel camper. A relative offered him a Dodge Ram pickup, claiming it got 30 miles per gallon!!

Rather than calling his relative an outright liar, I walked my friend through the process of gassing up, and the fact that 2 different gas pumps will shut off at different gas levels in the tank. Also, that an empty pickup, driven slowly down a long hill, such as mountain foothills, can turn a remarkeable mileage figure!

So, you decide whether your friend is lying, uninformed or just dreaming! He is certainly not speaking the truth.

…or, the friend is a LIAR, or cileno is just one more charlatan pimping this worthless product.

Here are some things we have tried that have improved our gas mileage significantly:

Not sure why he’ll lie about this product…I’m not pimping, just trying to get an answer since gas prices are so outrageous. Can anyone actually admit buying this product? I must admit that I did order it, but now I guess I’m a couple of hundred dollars short, maybe I should have
put the money in the gas tank instead! Oh well, live and learn…

yes. you should have thought about it first. that couple hundred dollars you just spent to “save” gas, could have bought a couple tanks of gas