Beware of counterfeit spark plugs

Apparently there are now counterfeit versions of both NGK & Denso spark plugs being sold by some sources.


If the price seems too good to be true…it is likely a fake!

Buy from a trusted source! But still be aware of fakes!

there also have been fake Motorcraft plugs being sold on Amazon.

I saw one low-ball price on ebay for Champion Double Platinum plugs, that made me suspicious.

Of course, hearing this, the (possibly) fraudulent seller of the (possibly) counterfeit plugs may wise up and raise their selling price!

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You’d think there isn’t enough money into making fake sparkplugs. It’s like making a counterfeit 1 dollar bill.


Considering spark plugs these days can run to $10 and more each… maybe like printing $10 bills… 4 to 8 per application adds up.

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$10 - the cost of manufacturing the plug. Still doesn’t make sense to me. I guess I wouldn’t make a good criminal.


First I don’t by auto parts from Ebay or Amazon even though I know many do and have had great results. I buy from those I trust. Maybe 30 years ago at NAPA the counter guy (who was also at a defunct parts store as long as I can remember) told me it seemed that plugs from some discount places were not the same quality. He said he had no proof but that is what he believed. Back then you could buy AC plugs from KMart. So who knows? Now is a different matter though with fake parts. So I just buy from where I trust. Especially for a critical part that could ruin your engine or life.

I have heard stories like that about things in the big box stores.

A few years ago there was a rash of counterfeit AC Delco spark plugs, some found their way into wholesale distribution. That stuff can turn up anywhere.

15 years ago I bought a Chinese motorcycle and one of the first things I did was check the brand of spark plug installed at the factory. It was NGK so all was good until one day riding in a remote area in Idaho the bike began stalling at idle. I pulled the plug and found the center electrode had receeded into the ceramic part leaving a gap of around .100" . I cut the plug apart and found the resistor had turned to powder which let the electrode get pushed in. My conclusion was that it was a fake NGK plug.

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The cost of manufacturing fake plugs in China is quite likely in the pocket change category; as in 25 cents.
Considering the prices that Platinum and Iridium plugs can bring I can see fraud running amok.

Back in the 80s I think (?) it was 60 Minutes that did a story about fake GM Goodwrench parts. Even the packaging was so dead on it was nearly undetectable.

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In the 1970’s and much of he 80’s I could buy my truck’s spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, a plastic wrap tune-up-kit consisting of the points, condenser, & ignition rotor, oh, and and headlights at most any K-mart similar store. Those were the days, eh? … lol … .

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There used to be a chain of TBA stores here in OK called OTASCO. Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company.
They even stocked a rack with the more common tail lamp lenses on it.

A hail stone broke out the right rear lens on my 59 Corvette and as luck would have it; no go there. Options were not available like nowadays so I had to get raked over the coals at the Chevy dealer. A whopping 18 bucks which for the time was cringeworthy.

I just turned 65 so I remember those days! My first car was a 1969 VW. I went to my K-Mart and bought an entire VW exhaust muffler!

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My vue has opel motor. Uses gm plat+4 plugs. Put 100k miles on them. The coil packs sit down low in valve covers and both had heat cracks. Had a misfire. I found a Oem used coil and an aftermarket coil and put in ngk dbl plat plugs. Genuine? Maybe. Runs good for last year so I’m good.