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Spark plus

I have a 2004 explorer with 130k-never have changed spark plugs about to do so.Do I have to replace with expensive platinum plugs at the dealer?

NO. Go to your local autoparts store and get the plugs recommended for your car. They may well be platinum, but even those are not too expensive at the parts store. AND, even Walmart probably has plugs for your SUV.

Any good shop can do this. Replace them with the exact plugs (brand and model) that come out, if they are platinum, go with platinum, if not, not.

Use Autolites. They are made by the same manufacturer and by most people’s judgement, they are identical. They will be the best match to the OE plugs. You should use platinum, especially if you are paying someone to do it. Copper plugs will have to be changed much more often canceling any savings in materials. You must use nickel-plated plugs to keep them from seizing to the heads.

Are you doing this yourself? If so, be sure you change them with the engine cold, blow out the plug cavities with compressed air after you remove the COPS and be sure you use a torque wrench.

not doing it myself but had a crazy price from a dealership to change plugs and do a 90K tune up($600) the car has 130k do I want to spend so much? it seems crazy!

thanks but i have to get someone to do this but just dont want to get ripped off!

thanks it just the quote to do it was so expensive and they said it was because sparks plugs were platinum!

Find a good independent mechanic.

$600 for a tuneup is OUTRAGEOUS. And the dealer is saying that’s because of the platinum plugs.

Ford uses Motocraft plugs. The Platinum plugs by Motorcraft are about $5 each…multiply that by 8 and you’re talking $40…That leaves $560 for labor.

I know some vehicles are a pain in the butt to replace the plugs…but that’s ridiculous.

I agree. I had the Ford dealer replace the spark plugs in my Mustang a year or so ago. The car was in for an unrelated seat belt recall, and since the plugs were nigh impossible to get to, I figured I’d let them do it. I also supplied the spark plugs. They charged me $96 for the labor involved. $600 to replace spark plugs is highway robbery.

Susan, you need to get your manual out and find out what services are needed at 130k miles, including any that have been skipped. Find a good independent shop and ask for a price quote. What was the dealer going to do for $600, besides the plugs?