Spark Plugs----------Auto Parts Store vs Dealer--Motorcraft for 98 Lincoln


Some mechanics won’t use auto parts plugs form (example–O’Reilly, Autozone, Napa) Iknow Ford wants about $60…per set + tax…


I left out; What is the opinion of the skilled folks on the forum??? Rexy


It is usually a good idea to use the plug brand that came with the car to start with. That I believe is Motorcraft for Fords and Bosh for VW etc. I have had some undesirable results mixing. You don’t need any designer models like super platinum and gold triple tip plugs.

It makes no difference where you buy them, they are the same plugs.  Just get the right ones.


Thanks Joe. I can’t see paying $5-6 more for the same spark plug that the Ford place wants. I know that the platinum is the factory recommended.


It makes no difference, in my opinion. Buy any reputable brand, and get platinum if you want them to last longer. You can get some good quality platinum plugs for $2 each. I replaced the original Densos in my car with Splitfire platinums, and they’re perfectly fine.



I refuse to pay dealer prices for spark plugs. I’ve been buying spark plugs from auto parts stores for more than 30 years and have never had a problem. Save your money!


Some say that since Autolite makes the Motorcraft, they are equal. I can’t really say. Do use a plug with nickel plating to prevent seizing cause these plugs are supposed to be installed with dry threads. I just put Autolite APP764 in my '99 modular 4.6l. The spec is single platnum (AP764), but the price difference is not that great.


Thank you all for the feedback & the A - Train info, have enough for a informed decesion.-:slight_smile:


Maybe you only use the same gasoline the factory put in to get to the dealer. OOOOO let,s take out all the wrong plugs


There is absolutely no difference between a Motorcraft plug you buy at any Autoparts store (including WallMart) then what you buy at the dealer.

Once I priced out Honda plugs from the dealer…$7/plug…NGK plugs from a local parts store…$2/plug. EXACT same plug.


You are paying for their overhead.
One other reason some(most?) mechanics won’t use parts you bring in is because of liability and/or warranty issues.
Say someone is looking for a new exhaust system for an older Civic with the 1.6L engine. Well, he goes looking for the best deal for his car, and finds the best deal on a Civic system for the 1.8L engine, but still buys it and brings it in. The mechanics install it, but it starts smoking or totally falls off. The guy comes back to the shop complaining about what happened. The shop asks him if he made sure the system was made for his car and he explains what he did. If the customer had paid a few dollars more and got what was made for his car instead of something cheaper(and not made for that year car), he wouldn’t of had that problem. Also, the shop might not offer any kinda of compensation for their previous labor charges or his parts cost, and charge him labor again to make it right, on top of the parts cost from the shop.