Best way to paint and feather part of a metal fender

What is the best way to paint the down-to-metal scrapes shown in the photo? (I am not taking out the dents)
Mask off and paint just the lower section where the scrapes are or paint the entire fender? Masking will leave a sharp edge that will need to be feathered. Not masking will give a “natural” feathered edge but is subject to overspray. I am leaning towards painting the entire fender. Using U-Pol chroma paint in an aerosol can made from the car’s paint code. I am told this paint doesn’t feather well.

When masking an area, roll the tape up at the paint side edge. It will prevent a hard paint line and make it far easier to buff out. If you roll the tape at a body character line…like the fender edge, it makes overall blending much easier.

This mess is going to look bad no matter how you paint it, IMHO.

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Well, it will look better than it was. And besides, it will look great if my friend drives fast under a dim street light at night. Ha, ha!

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here are some videos that might help you…

Touch Up Paint How To Videos | AutomotiveTouchup

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You color sand with 1000 or 2000 grit wet or dry to remove the overspray, then polish it with rubbing compound. Not easy by hand though and if you don’t have an exact match, you’ll see the separation.