Paint chips

i got paint chips on hood. what is the best way to to repir tis i got the paint chip bottle.i dont want dots of paint every were is their anthoer way of fixing this. never did this before thanks rob

The best way is to strip and repaint. If you want to use your touch up paint, then you have to decide what degree of effort you are willing to invest. First and foremost, you need to strip off any wax that will prevent the paint from adhering properly. There are many methods of applying the touch up paint and it is very difficult to fill the void without slopping it over the edge. The key, IMHO, is to do it in steps. Paint shinks as it dries. You put some in the void and it will flatten out as it dries. Using the held end of a torn out paper match, a toothpick or the brush that came with the touch up paint, you put a small drop into the void. When it dries, add another. Repeat until the void is full. An alternative, but not for the faint of heart, is to just go ahead and fill the voids and allow paint to slop over the edges. Then follow up with wet sanding, polishing compound and so forth like a normal paint job would entail. I like the fill, dry and repeat approach myself because it’s less work.

thakyou for your for your advice that is what i"ll do .i live in pittsburgh and the salt in the winter.really does a job on the car.and i dont want to pay a deatil shop.i will use the money for gas $3.80 here and going up thanks rob

I installed a bug screen. It seemed to change the air flow over the hood.

i wanted to put a shield on the car but it is a montecarlo ss so i was thinking about a have to watch those also. can fade the paint.that is a idea thanks again