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Best Tire for Toyota Sienna '06

Hi all,

The Pirelli Scorpions I currently have on my Toyota Sienna LE 2006 have bitten the dust after only 20,000. (They are warrantied for 60,000)

I can have then replaced for free, but the new ones wont’ have a new warranty. I’m wondering if the tires I chose are better for highway miles and just cant take the beating from the Portland, Maine area’s crappy roads.

There are a ton of Siennas around here, so this must be a familiar situation. Anyone else have good tires wear out way too fast?

Any suggestions?


~eden and both have great consumer feedback sections. They can be a big help in making a selection.

And, have you had your alignment checked? Was there any abnormality in the wear of the tires?

I believe that this was the complaint of Sienna owners who had 4 wheel (or “all-wheel”) drive. Because of this I opted for front wheel drive.

I’ve had a 1999 Sienna from day one (240K miles) original exhaust, transmission, cooling system, alternator. Live in ne ohio crappy weather capital. V6 3.0 ltr. Have used NOTHING but Michelin
all weathers from day one (bought usually at costco) their stock rotates constantly + best price.
I generally average about 50-55K per set. hope that helps

I got a little over 50K on the original tires on an 06 Sienna LE. I was very conscientious about rotation & alignment for the 1st ~ 35K, a little less so after that or I probably would have gotten 55k+. I now have Michelin Defenders on it.

We have Yokohama Avid Touring-S tires on our minivan, and they work well for us. These are standard touring all-season radials. Tire Rack tested it amd like it a lot, but they would like improved wet handling. I have Yokohama Avid ENVigor tires on my sedan. Tire Rack tested them as well and did not complain about wet traction. The ENVigors cost about 25% more than the Avid Touring-S tires, but they have improved performance to make it worth your while. You can read the tests at if you want to.