Tire troubles with Toyota Sienna


Has anyone had frequent flat tires with their Sienna? Our 2000 model has had six totally destructive flats in the last two years, during normal highway driving. Is it me or is it the car?


What’s been the causes of the flats? Sheetrock screws? Decking screws?
What’s “totally destructive” mean? Have you been driving on them after they flatten?


What caused the flat? Do the tyres meet the car’s manufacturer’s specification including size, speed and, pressure ratings? Did you drive on the tyres after they went flat? Is it possible that where you drive is a problem? Vandals? Bad Rims, shocks or alignment/suspension?


If you have had front end alignments or four wheel alignments and the vehicle goes straight without pulling and you don’t overload it (or maybe if you do) try switching to truck tires. They will say LT instead of P before the numbers. You get more plies in the tread area and probably some other benefits for durability. If you buy off brand tires, switch to known brands. Post a better story, one with a little information. If you don’t, we’ll conclude that it’s “your problem”.


More info always helps in determining a problem.
Unless you live in an area with a lot of road debris causing this, I’m inclined to think you’re losing tires due to the sidewall being rubbed out because of low tire pressure.

Are these flats occurring on all of the wheels or does it happen on only one or two of them?
Are there any prior handling problems before the tire goes flat? Or blows out from the sound of it.
These are not by chance any of those inferior Chinese tires that were recalled?

If it’s the same wheel or two this is occurring on, and assuming the tires are good, then I’m wondering if you might have air leaks around the tire bead due to corrosion or through a porous casting on an alloy wheel.
How often do you check tire pressure?


Flat tires are a fact of life. And there are statistics that would give you the odds - and as strange as it may seem, 6 flats in 2 years is not an astronomically rare event.

So you need to look at where you are driving, but realize, you are probably just unlucky.


Are you checking the tire preassure periodically. Improperly inflated tires will destroy them…especially on a highway.

Are the tires the right size?? Did you change tire size at all.

I know about 10 people who own a Sienna and I’ve never heard of any of them having problems with flats.