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Bent Rim

Hello! I apparently bent my 17 inch alloy rim and am looking at 600 dollars to replace it. I have a 2005 acura and would really hate to pay high end dollars for a brand new rim. I have seen you suggest a junk yard, but I dont know that I can find this particular rim. Do you have any suggestions as to online retailers that can supply new or used rims for specific cars(like my acura)? There are many online advertisements for much cheaper rims but Im not sure who to trust. Please help! Thanks!

Have you tried checking for shops that repair rims in your area? A number do that, it’s worth seeing if one is near you.

just search … acura 17" aluminum alloy rim … and you will find all the dealers…

Yes, repair might be a good option.
Use this link to find a rim repair shop in your area:

Another option is to check the dealer and tire stores to see if they have any used TSX rims (sometimes called ‘take-offs’), lots of TSX owners put new big rims on.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Regarding repair, I took it to the shop and they said the alluminum rims can not be repaired at that point. Said they will crack. ;/ Ill check rim shops around here though, thats a good idea.

It depends how bad the dent is. If that shop didn’t do repairs, they will, of course, say ‘it can’t be done’. If they do repairs, then their opinion matters.

  • I’m not sure if it will always work, but every time I’ve looked for wheels there they have a picture of the different wheel types according to what was available for the car in question.

Now you know why I prefer nice looking wheel covers and cheap strong steel wheels. BTW those $600 wheels are cheap compared to the cost of real racing wheels.


google alloy wheels and see what comes up. There are sellers of remanufactured allow wheels that are reasonable. Say $150 for a wheel instead of $600 for a new wheel from a dealer. Keep searching until you find one.

If you hit something hard enough to bend a wheel rim then there’s at least a moderate chance that something else is bent. Lower control arm, wheel hub, etc. and also a possible alignment issue.

Try these guys. They had a refurbished mag rim for my Explorer for less than half the price of new, which was fine because my other rims aren’t new either. Shipping was very reasonable, too.