Can anyone tell me where I can buy a new one of these rims?

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante LX. I have a bent rim, and although my google skillz are mad, I can’t find a replacement for a bent rim.
It’s a 5-spoke, 17" alloy rim that has the logo NLSR. The “N” is blue, and the rest of the letters are yellow.

Thanks in advance. You guys rock!

Is it repairable?

Check with a Body Shop. Ask them who repairs rims for them. You may be able to send it in for repair thru them.

Or you can do a nation-wide search of junk yards on There are lots of wheels but no 17". All the wheels listed are 16" and just saw the LS not an LX?

If it doesn’t have the tri-diamond logo on them, I don’t believe these are a factory option rims, but are aftermarket rims. Look carefully inside the rim for a manufacturer’s stamp or part number embossed in the alloy somewhere. Chances are, finding such will be your best bet to finding a matching replacement.

Otherwise, you may need to look at replacing all 4 to get a matching set again. If you do that, make sure the new design has the correct backspacing for your car. This is the measurement from the hub surface to the bead ring on the inside of the rim. I’ve dealt with a lot of problems due to incorrect backspacing of aftermarket rims.

I’ve had this problem before with ten year old aftermarket rims. Some of the major rim sellers on line still have some New Old Stock (NOS) wheels. The trick will be finding the brand and who the distributors were/are. These wheels will not be shown on Most “oddball” wheels like yours are recycled by salvage yards for scrap by the ton.

Yes. Real easy to find 3 good rims on CL. They usually include 1 bent 1 also.

TSMB’s web site confirms Bing’s comment, no 17" factory rims. These must be aftermarket rims, will be hard to find a match. Maybe just get another set of 17" aftermarket rims if the bent one can’t be repaired.

There is an outfit who advertises in the back pages of Road & Track who guarantee to fix broken or bent rims. I don’t have a copy with me but if you like I’ll get you the name when I get home. Rocketman