My 2001 BMW 325ci rim is cracked



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My rear right tire went flat and I thought it was a puncture. However, the shop that examined the tire found a crack in the rim. The crask was the cause of the flat tire… Does anyone know what would cause a rim to crack? Any recommendation on where to get a replacement rim besides the dealer. Thinking about it already hurts.

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I bet you can find a used wheel for your car, try ebay, salvage yards, and any after-market wheel/tire shops in your area. The kiddies tend to take off the stock wheels and replace them with silly bling wheels, the stock wheels end up on the used market.

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, check the part number:


Where to get a replacement rim besides the dealer

That would be a parking lot at the supermarket/theater. I’m pretty sure you can find one of those BMWs equipped with the rims, Good luck.


Try for a replacement wheel. They deal in factory take-off wheels only. Junk yard wheels are risky, as they are often damaged or bent.


True, you have to be careful with any used wheels. I’ve also had bent wheels repaired, but that sometimes costs more than the replacement value of the wheel.


Try Also try your dealer, It is probably not as expensive as you might think.


Thank you very much for everyone’s reply.

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Does anyone know what would cause a rim to crack?

Well alloy wheels (assuming that is what you have) tend to do that, except for the very expensive ones. Steel is stronger and more reliable.

Also those fancy large rim, skinny tyre things get quite a workout from potholes due to the smaller tyres.


I concur, this is actually a local business to me a good bunch of people.