Bent Wheel Rim Issue!

I have gone over a pothole recently and caused a dent in my front wheel rim on the inside (below image)

Realistically, can this be fixed at a garage or will I have to get a new replacement wheel?

edit : the tyre is not driveable, as it is letting air out.

A garage cannot fix this. There are specialty wheel repair places that can fix this both in the US and UK (tyre is a tip-off, in the US it is spelled tire).

Likely the cheapest fix, if you have a popular car, is to buy a used wheel from a breaker’s yard that matches.


Tyre is a clue . I don’t think there is a regular member of this forum from the UK. But I did the silly Google thing and found 3 wheel repair shops near my location .

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Easy to fix if its a steel rim.Deflate the tire and break the bead on the bad side. Use a long plumber pipe wrench and adjust the jaws to pull the metal in or out.I fine tune it until its straight again.All it takes is 5 minute to fix that

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There are companies around that cam fix this. Many do on-line business also.

It’s an alloy wheel, according to the photo.

I would recommend an alignment check after the wheel repair or replacement. It’s a good idea now and then anyway and especially so after an impact of any sort.


That company clearly is an expert . . . and price accordingly

As was mentioned earlier . . . it’s probably easier and cheaper to buy a good used rim from the junk yard

Many shops that sell those oversized wheel and tire sets have a machine that can re-roll the rim of the wheel. They run into that problem a lot with their customers because the ultra low profile tires just don’t tolerate bumps in the road very well and they do a lot of these repairs.

Yea…probably. But if you have good alloy wheels and want to match and keep them looking like new…they are a good alternative.

Yes, but one of our long-term members (the now-deceased Joseph Meehan) was a native of Ohio, and he always spelled it as “tyre”. The OP is likely located somewhere in The UK, but… maybe not…

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Looks like an aluminum rim.

Didn’t too well on spelling tests then.

The irony is… amazing…