Girl needs advice on Bent rims and tire replacement

The last time I took my tires to get rotated 7-9 months ago, I was told they could not rotate tires in typical fashion because 2 of the rims were bent. I had not noticed any shaking but they didn’t seem to want to sell me anything new so I believe them. They put the 2 bent wheels on the back. I have stock wheels 18 inch on my 2005 Dodge Magnum. I will be needing tires before this winter and I’m in a dilemma whether to buy 2 new wheels or just replace the 4 tires and hope that they will last 2 years ( I plan to keep the car at least 2 years). I"m wondering how badly or quicker the tires wear being on a bent wheel? Obviously there is no set answer for this and I’m sure varies depending on the variables.

I’ve also found reconditioned wheels ( I make the assumption that this means they are not bent) on the internet for $200 a piece.

Any advice in the matter would be appreciated


Just have the wheels sent out for repair-it usually costs $100 per wheel to have them straightened.

I agree have the wheels repaired by a good shop. Remember next time you are buying a car, those fancy wheels with the skinny tyres are prone to damage. They are also expensive. The old steel wheels are far less likely to be damaged.

One thing to understand is that aluminum, once bent is never as strong again when straightened (unlike steel which retains much of its original strength). If it were my vehicle, I’d replace the rims instead of getting them repaired (just my own preference).

Yep, I believe they are aluminum and I called to ask about repairing them, and was told that those can not be repaired

Well we used to straighten $600 aluminum wheels off of BMW’s daily at the dealer! In fact considering that usually 2 out of 4 wheels were wobbling on practically every BMW with low profile tires that comes through the door, there wouldn’t be enough wheels available in the U.S. if we replaced them all haha. Yes, aluminum is weakened slightly by repair, but it’s usually only an issue on major bends.

Ladena I suggest you contact a wheel specialist that can take care of you and do the job properly.

Frankly aluminum wheels in general are weaker than steel wheels, except for the very very expensive ones used on real race cars and not sold as OEM. A little more weaker, while not good, is not going to cause much more trouble.

Ever notice that when everyone had steel wheels and were not running those skinny tyres, we never had these questions.  The wheels did not get bent very often.

If the rims are bent, you should be feeling SOMETHING. I would get a second opinion before getting new wheels.

If you need need rims call Keystone. No, I do not work there. They sell body parts and reman rims normally for $179.00 each (alloy). For the price it’s not worth attempting to repair. Call 309-698-0700 and ask for the store close to you for details. Any shop can buy from theme.