Bellette Plays Google Roulette

It all started out so innocently, I Googled the words, “tooth+pain+Wellbutrin.” What I expected to find is evidence that my jaw ache and tooth pain (which has since subsided) was just another evil side effect of Vitamin W. I clicked on the top ten returns and found diddly-squat. I read through posts and links that did nothing to explain away the pain in my mouth. I then clicked on So Close: Because my life is so boring anyway, a fun new side effect! Yes, this sounded like a person who knew my pain. As soon as I arrived at the beautiful blog “So Close: After Being so Close After So Long, I Have Finally Arrived. Life After Infertility” I felt like had arrived at my blog. No, it was not black and red and forever talking about weasels, red hair, and J Crew. Rather it was the first blog I found that spoke of failing at infertility in the same humorous and irreverent manner I try to bring to the sad and sorry subject.

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