GO Granny GO!

I just hope I am sill here at 102.

Me too, and in as good health. I think someone posted this before.

The way things are going, if I’m still here at 102 I’ll be living in a cardboard box, poor, blind, crippled, and with altzheimers.

I’ll “pass”. Thanks anyway.

SMB, if you have Alzheimer disease, you won’t know or care about the rest.

What a great story and a wonderful lady to boot. :slight_smile:

JT, I wish that were true about altzheimers sufferers. The truth is that they go through a long deterioration period wherein they become confused and extremely depressed. They lose their cognitive functions little by little, but while they eventaully no longer know their children, their name, or where they are, they know deep inside of them that there’s something seriously wrong with them and that there’s nothing they can do about it. Extreme depression sets in and never goes away until enough of the brain is destroyed to take their life.

I know you were saying this in jest and in response to my own comment about altzheimers. I never should have joked about it. Both my dad and my mom had it, and it scares me more than any other disease. To anyone out there who’s dealing with this disease, you have my sincere apologies.

My Aunt suffered from it as well, and it was just as you said. It started out that her short term memory failed her, but eventually all memory did. Sometimes things would come back, but those occasions became rarer.

Joking about serious issues is one way to deal with how harsh those issues are. I understand that Alzheimer sufferers deteriorate more slowly if they keep active and interact with others I heard this about a senior care facility that offered the seniors in their care dancing and other activities. It seemed to work.

This lady is a remarkable anomaly as I know I am more likely to win the lottery (not) than get any where close in age and retained marbles. What struck me was watching her shift this glorious old boat. All I could think about (as a former weight lifter) was look at those arms!

@the same mountainbike; exercise, eat fresh food (nothing from a can/package) and keep the mental exercise going too and you should be fine.
Obviously, the mental exercise would include troubleshooting my cars on this forum:)

There’s no question that exercise and a good diet imprives quality and longevity of life, but at this point they’ve not been able to tie it to Altzheimers. The mental exercise definitely makes a difference. So I’ll continue joining everyone here to exercise my neural synapses at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, here at work, to illustrate the concept of chaos theory, I’m trying to figure out how to creat a dynamic 3D model obtaining at least 4 layers of at least 16 nodes per layer…using EXCEL. Each node is connected to anywhere from zero to 10 nodes in its same plane plus each node (including the one that gets originally altered) is connected to up to three nodes in the next plane. I’m trying to graphically illustrate to an Engilsh major how changing one element in a particular structure can have unforeseeable significant consequences (“ripples”) that propogate in unpredictable ways throughout the entire structure. I’m laughing at myself for even trying. It’s like trying to use a stock Pinto to beat a new Vette. But it’s good brain exercise. Perhaps I’ll drive myself crazy before I begin to lose cognitive function.

I’d create an input matrix on one worksheet and have equations in 4x4 matrices in another 4 worksheets that are tied to the inputs on the first worksheet. Twiddle the inputs on the first worksheet and watch what happens on the others. Of course, this gets much harder when you try to have some physical meaning to the outputs. How would you do it, SMB?

@the same mountainbike: Alzheimer’s scares me as well. My grandmother had it and my dad showed signs of it (though the COPD he had didn’t help) My grandmother was from the “Volga” region in Germany where it’s common to have the bad gene that contributes to Alzheimer’s as well as causing high cholesterol in some people. Not knowing my dad’s ancestry fully (he was adopted), I worry as well. Not a good way to die. With the project you’ve taken on, you’re not suffering from dementia, you’re just crazy…

It always amazes me that the ratio of really unpleasant things that can happen to you in life vs. good things is so skewed.

I don’t spend my time worrying about the possibility that I might have some life-ending disease. I know that I will die sooner or later for one reason or another. I prefer to enjoy the time I have here with my family and not obsess about my demise. I have my own significant health problems, but they don’t necessarily tell me how my life ends. My greatest dream is modest: I want to meet all my grandchildren, and I try to live a life that will allow me to do so. If I do die prematurely, I hope that my 20-something dream comes true: hit by the beer wagon.

I hope the last check I write bounces!! I also hope that check is for booze and girls! I also hope I will be asleep so I don’t hear them all screaming in the back seat!! LOL Now lets get back to cars and trucks.

Saw the video, both she and the car are Sweeeeeeeet!

That’s exactly how I want my car to look in terms of condition when its 50 years old, pure sweetness.

That’s the concept, JT. What I cannot solve is creating a 3D graphic that’ll show a change in one node migrate through the matrix in its possible permutations. While EXCEL has the capability to work “3D” by linking the worksheets’ various cells, the graphics capability in this reagard is limited.

I posted the problem jokingly.I’m well ware that what I want to do requires much more expensive software that EXCEL. The software is readilly available, but it would be unrealistic to even fill out a requisition. However as long as I can keep the brain working perhaps I can postpone the Altzheimers.