Hey Coldcar, start a new topic instead of using one from 2007

I don’t know what’s with bringing up some of these old topics for no apparent reason from four years ago, but please just start a new one instead that is more timely. Sheesh.

A lot of people are upset when an old posting is brought up again, Bing.

And, if it is brought up by adding a new and distinct problem, most people find that objectionable. In fact, it is a violation of Netiquette.

However, if someone has a follow up, for example, how it was fixed, I like that.

And, if someone really has some useful new viewpoint, I like that, too. I enjoy those old postings. It was eerie to see Craig58 again, even if he is gone. And, even on very old postings, Ok’s good advice.

I may be the only one who feels that way, I must admit.

Once, on an Atkins Diet board, I noticed on the Drug Interactions thread, on the first index page, a comment on SSRI’s (so called anti-depression meds) that was misleading and dangerous. I added a correction, and a stupid moderator took me to task for posting on an old thread. Since it was on the first index page, frankly, I never noticed it was old, only that people could be harmed with bad information.

I told her to go pound sand, and haven’t been back since. It was their loss. I am hypoglycemic, and have been on the Induction Phase for years, which gives me considerable knowledge most newbies don’t have. Their loss, not mine. She apparently preferred dangerous advice over posting on an old thread.