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Battery problems with my 2002 Camry

I just realized that my negative battery cable was missing so my car is driving now with just the positive connected what will happen to my car driving with just the positive wire connected to my battery?

Nothing. It won’t run.

It would be impossible for the engine to run with no ground.


Well that’s the thing it’s been about 3 or 4 days and it’s running still starts and runs

Well I’ve been driving around for like two three days and it drives

Then you are not looking at the battery connections.
You may have another ground wire unattached that you may be looking at.


So it’s not impossible for it to run



It definitely has no negative connection to the battery it’s totally missing

Only the positive connection to the battery is connected

Please Post a picture.

Sure I’ll go down and post a picture of my battery with no negative terminal wire and show you

And the car is running while I posted this picture

As you can see there is a positive wire connected to the positive and no wire connected to the negative

If you don’t believe me go disconnect your negative battery terminal and your car will still start and run

The metal strap on the negative terminal is your negative battery cable.


Is this some kind of joke?

Your negative cable is connected, I can see the bolt and cable in the red circle.

The battery negative looks to be connected to me also. See that gadget that encircles the right hand post? OP, what makes you think the battery negative isn’t connected? Are you looking at the shiny silver round circle thing above the battery? I don’t know what that is for, but is most likely unrelated to the battery.