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Missing negarive battery cable

My car has only got the positive cable connected with no negative wire connected to the negative terminal so why is my car still starting and driving? Cans someone please explain?

Dude, read your other thread .

We explained last time you posted. Since you don’t believe us, take it to a shop and have them explain it to you.

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Is this the same car that you posted a picture showing the negative cable clearly attached to the battery?

Yes and I’m telling you there is no black cable like the red one that’s connected to the positive that is connected to the negative there’s no black wire at all

They used to be one and I would try unit just like the positive and it wrapped around the little silver nodule that cable is gone

I meant I would try to tighten it like I would with the Positive with a screwdriver but that cable is not there anymore

Somehow the car is still running and runs and starts

If I could post you a video I would show you

That is because the battery is grounded .

how can it be grouted without the black cable that you use to connect to the negative terminal

To prove to yourself that that is the ground, remove it from the battery post and then start the car, or turn on the headlights, or anything that uses electricity.

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you mean disconnect the little brackets underneath where the cable should be?

It might be time for the OP to just close the hood and drive on and find something else to worry about.

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I’ll go try it and see what happens and when I get back I’ll let you know

Okay so I disconnected the little bracket and it didn’t start so you were right but do I need to replace the regular black cable that you use that you screw on like the red cable that screws onto the positive?

That “bracket” IS the cable. The negative battery cable is hooked up and working as designed from the factory. Leave it alone.


Oh okay man I’m sorry I’m not a car guy so I’m good to go so thank you for your Insight I really appreciate it buddy

This is how the cable looks, you can’t see the cable itself because it is behind the battery.image

Yeah see the end with the circle where you screw it mine doesn’t have that it doesn’t even have the wire it’s just a bracket underneath where that cable usually is screwed on to