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Car battery question

so i have this sprinter cargo van and i can’t find the car battery, but i found a car battery inside the actual vehicle with a wire going towards the engine,… its a 2012 and the car starts up but its starting to hesitate when i try turning it on … and there is nothing hooked up to the negative side of the battery… i’m wondering if this is safe, and if i ever need to jump start it, how would i do it?.. don’t know if the negative side of the battery should have something hooked up to it or not … thanks

The negative side should have a thick cable going to a ground

must not be the correct battery,the starting battery must be somewhere else,a battery with one connection on the positive side isnt connected,That battery is maybe for the cargo lights and hasnt been connected?-Kevin

i’m starting to wonder if this is perhaps a back up battery , and in order for it to back up the one i might have somewhere else, i just need to connect the negative somewhere?

Is this a big Van with the Blue Tec Diesel engine?-Kevin

yup big van cargo sprinter, it requires diesel fuel

It was under the hood trough 2006, got moved in 2007 to a panel under the floor board between teh front seats closer to the passenger side apparently.

Scroll down all the way down to the last picture.

ahh i see and i can just remove panel and jump like a regular car directly to the battery i guess… so this other battery that is outside it must be a back up? how would i use this back up though? it only has a positive side connected, and the negative is not connected anywhere , hmm

There are supposed to be jump terminals under the hood somewhere but I don’t know where, they should be labeled though. The ground jump terminal should be bolted directly to one of the inner fenders.

Can you ask a mechanic at the dealership? didnt read all that stuff,but Keith must have come up with something relevant-Kevin( if its the same capacity and good you could probaly paralell it with your other battery for more starting amps-Kevin

thanks, it said on one of the articles you sent me i can charge with the jump terminals under hood, or remove panel and just access the actual battery… but i have a second battery that has a negative that is not hooked up , so i have two batteries

I got nothing for you on the second battery. I have already jumped on the cattle car syndrome once this week, I think I’ll wait awhile before taking another ride on it.