Battery care


What is the proper way to store a battery when a car is not being driven for a 6 month period?

a) in a garage in Florida from May to October and

b) in a garage in Rochester, NY from October to to April


[b]Where you store a battery doesn’t matter.

When storing a battery over the time period you describe, you want to attach a battery maintainer or trickle charger to the battery. This prevents the battery from sulfating as it’s being stored. It also insures that the battery is fully charged when it’s brought back into service.



Very true, but do not place the battery on a concrete surface doing this. On a would or rubber covered surface is best.


[b]Setting a battery on concrete isn’t an issue anymore. It used to be that way when the battery casings were made from hard rubber. But now that they’re made from plastics, battery’s don’t discharged when placed on concrete anymore.



I will only add one thing. Store it away from the car. A car without a battery is far harder to steal than one with a battery in it or sitting next to it. Also most modern cars do use some power when sitting and that would make keeping it charged more difficult and far more important.


Batteries never did discharge when placed on concrete, any more than they discharged when placed on any other surface.