Auto in storage

We recently moved a car to Tucson, AZ where it will be stored thru the summer and fall in a garage. We will use it in the winter months. Should it be started and run &/or driven periodically for its health and well-being?

Yes, and driven is crucial to this. With only occasional use don’t expect the battery to be trustworthy unless you keep a battery tender on it.

Sitting idle is very rough on batteries as it allows them to sulfate; which means dying a slow death.

Hmm, interesting. How long do batteries sit in the auto supply store before you buy them?

How long do batteries sit in the auto supply store before you buy them?

OK raises a valid concern. Batteries sitting on a dealer’s shelf is a big concern, which is why you’ll often see the advice to look at the manufacturer’s date code before buying one (just to know how long it’s been sitting there). Batteries begin to sulfate after 6 months of sitting uncharged. That process is accelerated in hot weather and it permanently shortens the life and capacity of the battery.

Occasional driving isn’t the only option for the OP. Having someone use a trickle charger or battery-tender would also work.

I suggest it not be driven.

Chances are good any new car you might buy has been sitting un driven for months before you bought it. A few months is nothing.

I would get a battery tender, to keep the battery charged, and I would likely add some fuel stabilizer and fill the tank before storing it. Ideally it will be stored inside, out of the sun.

You also may be able to cancel the collusion insurance on your car (Keep the comprehensive on it) and you can save significant dollars.

Owning a car to use it only three months a year, makes that car kind of expensive. Do you really need to do that? Tires and rubber components age, even if the car is not driven. The car looses value even if you don’t drive it.

How long do batteries sit in the auto supply store before you buy them?

Often a long time, but sitting in your car is not the same thing. Unless you disconnect the battery, it will be worn down by the drain on it running computers, alarm systems etc. in your car.

Approximately 6 months a year the car will be stored in a garage, correct? In this case I won’t start the car at all during the storage period.

Before storing the car;

Have the oil and filter changed.
Fill the fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer as per directions.
Wash the car.
Park it in the garage.
Buy and hook up a “Battery Tender” charger as per directions on the charger.
Put a few mouse traps, and D-con mice bait around the car.
Buy and keep an electric “tire inflator” in the garage in case a tire goes flat.

Then head north for the winter and don’t worry. The car will start right up and be fine when you return.

In Tucson, it’s the summer HEAT that is the problem. Batteries don’t like 120 degrees…Gasoline degrades QUICKLY at that temperature…

Uncle Turbo’s plan is good…