Base model F150 without power locks

Purchased a used 2006 base model F150, manual windows and no power door locks. My issues is programming a key fob. I have tried the steps as given with cycling the key on and off the 8 times and waiting for the doors to cycle a unlock and lock. The instructions say to unlock the doors using the power unlock switch, my truck does not have an unlock switch because it is the base model, so, my question is, how do I program the key fob on a base model without power locks? I have searched online with no luck on finding anything. I had a 1999 Mercury that had the same setup and I was able to program the key fob because it had power locks, this truck does not, anyone know how I can program the fob without having power door locks?

Are you saying you are trying to program a vehicle remote door locks on a vehicle that does not have them . If so that will be impossible . Could this FOB you have actually be for a after market alarm ?


That is the kind of truck I like to drive. A work truck. Regular cab, no power anything, no touchscreens, hopefully a long bed to hold tools and equipment.

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If I owned it, I wouldn’t bother to lock the doors nor would I keep any valuables in the cab. Problem solved easy in and out.

That is the kind of truck I like to drive. A work truck. Regular cab, no power anything, no touchscreens, hopefully a long bed to hold tools and equipment
Agree the only extra I need is a radio.

Yeah, I’m confused - what does the key fob do if you don’t have power locks? What do you need to program?


I’m baffled too. This seems like a joke.

Without power door locks there is no reason for the truck to have a remote keyless entry receiver.

The door locks cycling will indicate that the registration procedure has been initialized, how is that going to be possible without power door locks?

Would like to use the fob to lock and unlock the doors without using the key. It has an alarm, so I would expect a key fob would be able to work the locks even if there is not a button on the inside door panel that works the locks. I would expect that with the truck having an alarm, the key fob would be able to be used to activate the panic alarm? I would expect that when using the fob to lock the doors, it sets the vehicle alarm?

You don’t have remote door locks. All you have is an after market alarm that is all that FOB will operate . Good Grief guy. Is there someone who can show you what you actually have and did you just acquire this truck ?


But you don’t have power locks, so this can’t happen.


Here, I’ll cut to the chase . . .

Please post a picture of this fob you’re trying to program

Once we see it, we’ll quickly tell you if it’s Ford or aftermarket

we have lots of Model year 2006 strippo F-150s in our fleets . . . manual everything, just as you described . . . and NONE of them have a fob, just a regular key

Thanks. I figured it out. I thought that since it had the alarm, a key fob would work for the door locks. As you can see, it’s been many years since I’ve had a base model of the base models :smile:. My brother laughs at me when I showed him my power windows required me to reach across the passenger seat to roll down the passenger window with a crank, (not while I was driving, of course). It is just a spare vehicle and it’s not important to have power locks, the a/c doesn’t even work, I don’t see any point in fixing it since it’s just an extra vehicle. I have a base model car and it still has power everything in it. Just wanted to ask.

How is the alarm armed and disarmed without any type of electrical switch? Normally when you leave a vehicle, you need to push a button to lock the doors, this is an indication for the computer to set the alarm. When you return to the vehicle you must push a button to disarm the alarm or the alarm will sound when you open a door.

I am still confused, you have a power window on the drivers side and a crank window on the passenger side? Just how bad was the wreck this thing was in?

Hand power, not electric power.

Kind of like the 260 A/C in my old truck, 2 windows open at 60 MPH.
or Armstrong power steering.

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Both are manual. He laughs because I have to stop and stretch across the seat to open the passenger window. I usually roll it half way down before I start driving

I don’t know, it has the red alarm light that blinks in the windshield when the truck is turned off.thats why I questioned the use of a fob even with it having manual locks. Must activate when the key is removed since the key has a chip in it