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Dunno if it’s chain wide but the local AutoZone is selling Castrol 0w16 full synthetic for $2/quart on clearance. Might be a chance to stock up.

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When I stopped at AZ looking for Mobil 5000 conventional, I noticed their AC filters were $10. Huh. $2.88 from Rock. I priced their Mobil 1 once and can’t recall the price but way higher than the farm store. I guess shop there carefully.

The price shows up on the website but only one of the 3 nearest Autozone’s appears to have some left.

I have to wonder why 0W16 would be “on clearance”, this oil will be in common use soon.

I suspect AZ overestimated how many DIYers would buy into the thin oil thing.
If I were doing my own oil changes on a car that calls for 0w16 I would use 5w20 instead.


I just bought 2, 5 quart jugs of full synthetic 0W-20 at Costco for $30.00, in Northern California. That’s $3 a quart, not a screaming bargain, but not bad either, and it’s not a deal, just the regular price. Compared to the price for one 5 quart jug of a synthetic at the regular shops it’s about 1/2 the price.

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I was at Costco last week and the Mobil 1 was somewhere north of $30 for a 5 quart jug. Cheaper at the farm store. They had some other brand also but don’t recall, maybe Valvolene. The only thing close to $15 that I have seen is non-synthetic or a blend, or the Citco or whatever it is re-cycled. I’d check the label on the stuff.

Beats me. I wondered the same thing. Possibly Castrol is coming out with a “new formula”?

No cars before 2018 use 0W-16 oil, and only some 4-cylinder Toyotas, Lexuses, and Hondas use it. I’d guess they bought too much and want to move it to create warehouse space for oils that their customers buy more often.


Entirely possible.

Yeah, “in use soon” isn’t the same thing as “currently something people are buying”.

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The full synthetic I bought was Kirkland, packed 2 in a white cardboard box with black printing. They had a large supply of it and the more expensive oils were nearby.

I’ve been using the Kirkland 0w20 and 5w30 full synthetic oils for a while now. It is the same as Supertech full synthetic from Walmart and Amazon Basics full synthetic.

For those with GDI engines, the Noack (ASTM D-5800) score on this (0w20) oil is 8.2 which is acceptable (<10) for GDI engines.


Good to know. Where do I find Noack scores for different oils?

They are supposed to be on the product data sheets from the manufacturer but I haven’t had much luck finding them. I got that one from another forum but I don’t know the actual source. You can google Noack scores and get charts, but I don’t know the source of any of those charts.

Those who are “in the know” watch Costco’s sale circulars for the months when they sell their proprietary synthetic Dexos-compliant oil at a substantial discount.

This site doesn’t list Noack for this particular oil, but has lots of other data:

Yesterday at Costco there was a large supply of Kirkland full-syn diesel oil, 3 gallons for about $33.00, in addition to the 0W-20 and 5W-30 full-syn oil for gasoline engines.

Toyota/Mobil 0W16 motor oil is now on back-order. Toyota issued a bulletin December 23, 2021 stating that because of the shortage, 0W20 can be substituted for 0W16 for more than one oil change interval.

Auto Zone still shows Castrol 0W16 for $2 a quart and not available. Mobil 1 is $10 per quart.

Costco shows “out of stock” for Mobil 1 products.


Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Motor Oil 0W20 Full Synthetic 5 Qt (US)

Part #: MOB 124185

Line: Mobil Oil

Was $42.49


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