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Kirkland Synthetic Oil

Ten quarts for $29.99, including shipping.
And, it complies with the Dexos specification.



I do not think it will be anyhow materially different from this:

Moreover, I strongly suspect they originate from the same barrel :slight_smile:

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It is entirely possible that they come from the same refinery, but there is one material difference, namely that Costco’s version costs ~$5.00 less for two containers.

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That oil could be my new normal! Just curious, do you suppose it’s available only online? I don’t recall seeing that particular oil in COSTCO.
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It’s blended and bottled by Warren Oil, the same private label distributor that makes SuperTech, Pronto, Federated, Amazon, and a number of other “house brand” oils.

That’s not to say it’s identical, but if it’s labeled to meet specs you should be able to trust it.

5 years ago when I was still in business for myself I was buying that synthetic oil for about the same price as Costco is selling it now.

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I saw it last week and I obviously like the price . . .

But I’ve never liked the 5-quart size containers

And here’s why . . .

Let’s say you buy a 5-quart container to do an oil change on a small car. After the oil change you’ve got 1/2 quart left over . . . but it’s in that 5-quart container.

If you have 1/2 quart left over in a 1quart container, it’s not a big deal

I just bought a case (10 qts in two 5 qt bottles) from the local warehouse for 24.99+tax.

I’m not sure how long it has been in the store, but I did see it last week at my local Costco.
And, if you use your Costco Visa card to purchase it, you get their usual 2% rebate.

I believe it only showed up about a week or two ago

I guess a am really cheap, umm… I meant thrifty :speak_no_evil:. For many years of using Mobil-1 Extended Performance I’ve always purchased 5 quart jugs. When I change oil I pour the left over 8 or 16 ounces into a quart-size Mobil-1 bottle.

And I purchase only 5 quart jugs and pour it into 5 quart-size Mobil-1 bottles just to save money. I don’t buy the expensive single quart bottles. :money_mouth_face: A penny saved is a penny earned.
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I have the opposite issue: 5.5 quarts per change, I’m 1/2 quart short, buying an extra 1 quart container and half of it stands until the next time :slight_smile:


I hear what you’re saying . . . :ear:

But convenience has its value in my book :triumph:

Pouring 8 oz into a bottle? Just pour it into the engine and be done with it.

When I had my own place I didn’t really care how the oil came because there was so much of it. But now that I’m a working stiff again I find the 5 qt jugs a pain. My wife’s car and my daily driver use the same oil, but hers holds 6 qts and mine holds 7. So I end up buying 3 jugs and then have 2 qts left in a jug. Next time I can buy 2 jugs but then I’m a qt short. And so on…

FWIW, I’m welcome to use the lubricants at work, but the shop I work at carries synthetic oil that is a local supplier house brand made by Warren. And despite it meeting dexos specs, it’s not quite good enough for me. I stick with name-brand Mobil 1.


I hear you, but my thrift takes over and over-rides my convenience tendencies. If I can economize anywhere, I economize. It’s just how I roll.
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Sounds good and I would, but on all my cars I have already accounted for an additional 8 ounces when I fill with oil.

On my cars that call for 4.5 quarts I always put in 4.75 quarts, for instance. I don’t want an extra half-quart in there after an oil drain/change. It might be okay, but it might not be okay.

I have no problem storing the additional.
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Boy you guys sure brought up a sore spot with me on this topic… Like others I also find that the ubiquitous 5qt jug imposes the condition of Oilus-Quartus-Absens as it is not enough to perform a growing number of vehicle oil changes what with 6 qt capacity becoming common… The buying of a single Qt of oil these days nearly requires a credit check they are so expensive and it really blows any kind of “Oil Change Deal” package price you may have thought you were enjoying…thats out the window in a big way with one or two extra qts needed. Its getting nutty out there.

Come to think about it… I have found that automotive parts in general have gone up about 25% ish just all across the board…everything has gone up. I guess if you stick around long enough in any vocation you are bound to see this happen. It just seems to have happened suddenly in my fogged head, maybe it did, maybe it didn’t… But the price rise has indeed happened, I know that much.

Four or five years ago, my local Rural King farm store carried 0W-20 full synthetic oil for $2.79 a quart. It was marketed under the RK house label and it met the specifications for the 2011 Toyota Sienna I had at the time. I bought a quart to keep in the Sienna in case I had to add a quart between changes. I especially wanted it if I was on a trip. I never used the quart. Rural King now sells the oil with the Harvest King label and it may have gone up to $2.89 a quart. It meets the specifications for my 2017 Sienna. If I still.did my own oil changes, I would probably use this oil.
I did buy a quart of full synthetic.10W-30 oil at Rural King for my push lawnmower. The mower called for 30 weight heavy detergent. I decided to try the 10W-30 full synthetic. It was $1 more than the straight 30 weight oil under the house brand label that wasn’t synthetic. The mower was using oil at an alarming rate and I fogged for mosquitoes while I mowed. The synthetic 10W-30 dried up the oil consumption and gave me three seasons of use of the mower I bought in 1992. It did start smoking a little at the end of this past mowing season, so I may be in the market for a new mower.
My experience with house brand synthetic oil has been great.

I buy all my oil in 20L (~5gal) containers. Have 3 diesels in the drive a Toyota 4WD, and 2 BMW Turbo diesels and an old E46 BMW gas 328i. I put the same synthetic oil in all of them based on the highest spec which is the 2 diesel BMWs. Sits on a shelf with a tap on the side & a 2qt jug with a long spout plus an old 20L container next to it for the old oil.
The convenience & superb price makes it a no brainer.

Oh and I buy it on internet, delivered next day or 2. Heavy lifting with my phone thumb.

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Why not buy a 55 gallon drum and one of these 18 dollar hand pump. We got free delivery for the 50 gal drum.

Lucky I have a storage shed so I don’t have a problem with a partial bottle. After each oil change, I pour the left over oil into a designated bottle until it is full, then use it for the next oil change and start a new designated bottle.

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