Yet Another Synthetic Oil Thread

I saw some comments recently that Mobil 1 is not what it used to be. Anyone know about this?
Expensive Amsoil excluded, are there any rankings?
Don’t send me to Bob.
I’ve just seen 5 qt jugs of M1 discounted to $23.52 at Wally World.

“I saw some comments recently that Mobil 1 is not what it used to be.”
Please give the source, quote the comments or reference something about this that I can read.

What is this based on? If it’s based on price then read my comment that follows.

Over the past many years of buying Mobil-1Extended Performance at Wal-Mart I have observed that the prices rise and then fall, rise and then fall. I saw that they had dropped recently so I thought I’d stock up next time I went. Prices were up 2 bucks when I went back 3 days later.


" yet another synthetic oil thread " WHY ?


Is there a particular reason this question is being posed?

I just clicked on the link, and nobody said Mobil 1 was bad. In fact, everybody agreed it was pretty darn good oil

Do you have a car that requires synthetic oil and/or has extended oil change intervals?

The price is dependent on crude oil and other stuff. WM would discount it was much as possible. Their own brand is also cheaper for the dino but not the synthetic. I guess there is a profit margin to be maintained.

Oh, I have two cars that require 0w20. And, yes Toyota claims 10k oil change intervals, but I don’t plan to do that.

The one thread talked about needing zinc for turbos. Sounds like BS to me, that’s an issue with old tappet engines.

How about 0w20 and change it every 5000 or 7500 miles?

^^ That; I am essentially putting in cheap synthetic (either M1 with a coupon or Supertech Syn) in my cars and going with the long dino interval per the car’s manual. I have done the math and am saving money compared to doing dino at 3500 miles.

I only use synthetic oil if it’s required by the vehicle’s owner’s manual. So far…I’ve never had too. I don’t dislike synthetic oil…it’s just that I don’t see any advantage to using it unless it’s required.

I thought Mobil 1 started as an ester oil, then switched to PAO+Group III:

PAO % in M1 from Japanese MSDSs
0W-20: 40-50
0W-30: 10-20
5W-30: 20-30

I have seen at least 4 Versions of Mobile 1 in our Walmart, extended performance, fuel economy, European, and one just labeled full synthetic. I bought Quaker State 0W20 last time for $21 and some cents.
I asked at Walmart quite a while ago why their oil prices vary so much and was told they adjust their prices to their local competitors sales prices to not be undersold.

I put full synthetic 10W-30 in my 23 year old push mower with a. Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine. It usez, much less oil than with dino straight 30 weight. Usually about this time I make a mid season oil change on the mower… However, the oil looks so clean I may go the whole,mowing season w/o an oil change. The oil I had been.using was $1.69_a quart. This oil at my local Rural King store under,the RK brand was $2.69 a quart. I hope my extra $1 was well spent.