Bad parking manners


I honestly just don’t have words for this.



Looks like a parking spot - strangely added on, beyond the curbing that defines the rest of the parking spots.


I just carry spray cans of white and black paint to create my own.


Looks like a stop line, complete with stop sign to me.

… Wait, is that your car? :wink:


I’d criticize, but I could see me doing this. Brain farts are somewhat common for me.


I don’t see what else the spot is for. Not a crosswalk. Looks like a parking spot to me, right size and all.


It’s not a spot. the yellow line is to separate the in and out traffic of the parking lot, the heavy white line is the STOP line next to the stop sign.




At least the first guy got in the center of the lines. That’ll leave room for someone to park in the other spot…er…lane…


Trying to decide if they pulled into the “spot” going that direction, or they backed in.


10:1 the owner is a little old guy north of 85.


Maybe yes, maybe no.
At the local mall, they were doing some repair work in the parking garage recently, and that led to a change in traffic patterns. At the top of the ramp, where you have to make a 90 degree turn, the normal entry lane was closed, and instead traffic was routed through what would normally be two “end” parking spaces. Some jerk decided that one of those two spaces was a dandy place to park, with the result that people had to make that 90 degree turn through a ridiculously narrow space. As I was negotiating that turn, the a-hole driver of that car was returning to his vehicle, and I would estimate his age as being late 20s-early 30s.


Found on Car Talk’s facebook page.


At least it is not the disabled spot.


Yeah those French park anywhere, but you can’t park in front of itty bitte garages.


I think the tank can drive off and leave a broken boot behind.


Darn BIG looking boot, photoshop maybe??


Yeah probably, I’ve seen the same picture with different captions and without the boot. But that doesn’t make it less funny.


Missing some teeth made me think of Hockey players, do not know what group your thoughts defaulted to. In fact not sure what post you are referring to.


That’s why I only gave it odds and not saying it was.