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BMW park assist

Obviously misused and misunderstood, but funny none the less.

Does not look too much warse than the average parking lot. My wifes former van got pushed up onto a 3 ft landscaping boulder by a fed ex truck.

Back in 1970, my roomate and I watched a car in an icy parking lot do one of those really slow, yet unstoppable, slides sideways into a parallel parking space. The space was way too short to get into by regular parallel parking. The driver got out, looked at the six inches of clearance in the front and back, shook his head and went into the dorm (what else could he do?) It was by far the fanciest bit of parking I’ve ever seen.

I always wanted to try this:

I’m really enjoying the comments section of that article.

Operator error possibly due to distractions and confusing the feet. He must have had a pretty good running start at it based on the part about jumping the mound and colliding with a car parked some distance away.

Yet BMW says that car did not have that option and even if it did, there is no connection to the accelerator. Me thinks the driver is trying to duck responsibility.

The Parking spaces are not even parallel parking they are front or back in. Driver error.

If you can’t even back up into a clearly marked parking spot without ending up on top of the car next to you, you should have a lifetime ban on your driving priviledges

Have you seen the Dr Pepper commercial where the little girl does a donut on her bike into a “parking spot”? Amazing.

The ABC news story says the driver’s infant son was in the vehicle. Doesn’t take much to imagine what the real distraction was. Kid’s in the back seat strapped into a car sear, dad turns around to reach for the dropped sippy cup, hits the gas by mistake, and is too embarrassed to admit it.

America really should have a higher standard for driver licensing.

Yeah well, they’re called “drivers licenses” not “parking licenses”.

wonder if the guy will get charged with falsifying a report since his car doesn’t have the park assist since he sited that as the cause

Maybe his wife was with him? Does that qualify as “park assist”?

How does the article get off stating a parking assistant is at error? The car didn’t have that feature!
Anyone wonder why self-driving cars have yet to make an appearance on our roads?

@Tony, the article didn’t “state” that the parking assistant was at fault. It said the parking assistant was “blamed” for the accident by the driver. Big difference. And the article further cited BMW’s statement that the parking assistant does not control the vehicle’s speed.

Guy’s, I only posted this for the humor. I didn’t intend for anyone to get in an argument over its merits or a technical dissertation on parking assist. But if you want to go at it, go ahead, be my guest.