Bad parking manners


To be in the front row at a Willie Nelson concert there is a two tooth minimum


Ok, who’s been following my mom around? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do we know the toothbrush was invented in {insert your favorite state or location to pick on here}?
Otherwise, it would be called a teethbrush…


I was referring to Bing’s post . . . and I even addressed my initial comment to Bing

I don’t know why you think it might have been confusing


Nice T-34/76.


speaking of teeth . . .

One of my former colleagues . . . he’s still working, but at another shop . . . used to pull teeth in the shop

He smoked for decades and also had very poor dental hygiene

When a tooth was loose, he’d pull it out with combination pliers, throw the tooth on the ground, put the pliers back in his tool box drawer, and get back to wrenching

:tooth: :heavy_plus_sign: :wrench:


Ooo, a West Virginia reference.


… and that is why I stated, “maybe yes, maybe no”…


Tom and Ray used to say that for some car problems - especially with, say, carburetors - we should look for a mechanic who no longer has all his teeth. That was funny and without ethnic or national prejudice.

Ageism? I guess so, but we all may become aged if we live long enough!


I always liked “go to the old folks home and find the guy who keeps his fake teeth in a container of carb cleaner!”


Talk about taking a train track way off in the wrong direction. Most of these folks had all their teeth and are both young and old. Plus a lot of them have a little money too. They just consider themselves privileged when dealing with people outside of their closed community. Thing is though, if you ever made a sale to one, you could almost sell the whole town with referrals.

Edit: Thanks for the flags folks. Sheesh a little sensitive? And you don’t have the foggiest idea who I was talking about and instead start making fun of people in different states. Guess you didn’t like what my mother said, so I’ll refrain talking about what my grandmother said. If you don’t like real history, just re-write it, huh?


Bad parking has been a problem around here, some got good revenge from being blocked or being towed.


Maybe you were raised differently the me. But when you start categorizing people by a race, religion or country of origin - it’s considered BIGOTRY.


From the guy complaining about 85 year olds. Pot meet kettle.


Keep dreaming. I’ve NEVER judged anyone based on there religion/race or country of origin. I know it’s a conservative thing.


Yeah right. Just color, age, state of residence, occupation, rural vs. city, etc. Part of being a bigot is blindly adhering to one’s own opinions without considering other opinions. So back to writing important computer code, you are always right in your own mind.


This looks a lot like a “two-wrongs-make-a-right” argument.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two lefts make a u-turn.


Naw, I think some folks just didn’t get their hot chocolate yesterday, and decided to insult my mother and call me a nasty name.


Self description?


And that would probably make him a WWII vet with a handicap tag.