Bad parking call

I heard a lady call in today discussing the issue of people parking badly. I use a website called which i use to to engage bad parkers. They have tickets you can print out and leave on the offenders car. You then take a photo of the parkers car and upload it to the website with a comment to the parker. The parker then gets the ticket and is notified to go to the website to respond to the person who left them a ticket. Pretty good way to voice your frustration to inconsiderate parkers.

?Don?t Taze Me Bro!? I Sometimes Park Badly On Purpose!

Even though I live in the middle of nowhere and there is always ample parking space for everybody, the clowns who put the stripes in the lots use some kind of high-density inner-city formula for figuring out how wide the parking spots should be. It is ludirous.

Parking “correctly” would surely put door dings on one’s car. I park way out back, “incorrectly”, sometimes taking up the better part of two spaces, which is really just one practical space. Where I live, I’m not the only one doing this. There are usually several people with nice cars parked out where I park. We’re not hurting a thing.

Sometimes the problem is the lot, not those parking there.

I’m not sure what kind of parking you’re talking about, but don’t waste your little ticket on me. I’m not interested. Touch my car and you’ve got bigger problems than just disliking how I park.


Car Talk has their own version of this, although not reported on any website.
They can be printed out, carried with you, and placed on the offender’s vehicle for a more hummorous approach than hand written nasty note.

top of this page click on ‘Time Kill Central’, scroll down and view ‘Car Talk traffic tickets’.

I don’t think there is a problem parking out in the middle of nowhere and taking up two spots. It’s when there is ample room for a spot and someone purposely takes up two spots in prime real estate parking spots. I see big trucks who park over the line quite often and you are right, a lot of the time its do to parking spots that were designed for mini-cars.

I’d like to agree with CSA. I live in the middle of nowhere myself. And sure, bad parking can be a hassle, but just deal with it and move on. DON’T go buzzing around someone’s car. You’re likely to get hurt, especially in some small towns. The main thing that bugs me is handicap parking. That’s one place that gets abused with bad parking.

I took at look at the site and something tells me the folks who parked like that don’t give a damn about the ticket or being pictured on the website. If it makes you feel better though, go ahead and write your ticket and put the picture on the web. Whatever it takes to help you cope with reality…

People who park like jerks are just that. They dont give a hoot about anyone. They are the kind of folk who we would rather not have anything to do with cause they are inconsiderate of others. Always have been always will be. Personally I would place a long roofing nail under several tires and leave it for them to figure out. The bigger the tire the better. Those big tires cost a bundle. As long as you dont actually puncture the tire you are ok cause you did not do anything. They were simply careless in inspecting the road for debris. But we already know they could careless about anything. So they wont look.

Without doing damage, A sheet of air-bubble packing ( the big 1" dia bubbles )makes quite a statement when driven over, or an empty water bottle with the cap on.

( But who carries a sheet of packing bubbles around with them ? ) If faced with these parkers often enough…plan ahead :wink: