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Bad Distributor?

Would a bad distributor cause my cadillac deville to stall when the brakes are pressed? It stalls whether it is in gear or just idling.

What year DeVille?

A bad brake booster is probably more likely-- does it feel like you still have power brakes?


It sounds like these guys are just guessing at it. That’s not a good way to go about it. The distributor is possible, but no more likely than a hundred other things.

So, it stalls in park if you depress the brake pedal? Disconnect and plug the vacuum line to the brake booster and press the brake and see if it still stalls. If it doesn’t then there is a tear inside the brake booster and it needs to be replaced. If not, then disconnect the wiring to the brake light switch. And try again. The computer reads this switch (I think mainly for the torque converter lock up control), and maybe some kind of short in the computer is the problem. But, don’t just replace it without running the above test first, because I’m just guessing too. My excuse is that I can’t see and touch your car. What’s theirs?