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Please Help Me!

I have a 95 Cadillac Deville. I just replaced the tranny, water pump, serpentine belt, ignition module, coil pack, plugs and wires. Now when i drive the car, now when you hit the brakes it dies and its not all the time either, sometimes it’ll run for a while then you go to shift it into drive and it dies. Car has been at the shop for 12 days and they can’t find it. They also cleaned my fuel injectors and turned them up. Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

I know you said that the transmission was replaced, but from what you describe it sounds like the Torque Converter Clutch is failing to disengage. Tell the people who have your car to unplug the electrical connector on the transmission for the Torque Converter Clutch, and then take it for a drive. If the problem doesn’t occur, the Torque Converter Clutch solenoid in the transmission is sticking.


Another thing to check: If you have a distributor, check the firing order. On Chevys, with a 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 firing order, they used to get the 5 and 7 wires on the wrong plugs. The computer might try to retard the timing if you get early ignition in a cylinder. If you don’t have a distributor, a manual should show you where the plug wires are supposed to go. I fixed a four cylinder by looking at a picture of the engine. I said “those wires don’t look the same as what I saw on the car”. I was right. That torque converter deal seems to be a good idea.

And what do you think is happening if it still happens???

If it really is associated with braking - or having your foot on the brake it is also possible that you have some kind of a leak in the brake booster. 5 minutes with a vacuum gauge would clear up that question.

Well i talked to the shop and he said he aleady checked the torque convertor clutch and that’s not it. also because that usually doesn’t click in until like 30-35 mph and the car will die while its just idling and you press the brake. Also asked him bout the brake booster and he checked that too, said that fine. Oh and the firing order is correct. So any more ideas??? I have no SPARE car and this is just killing me!!!

Well now the shop is thinking it may be the distributor. But not even 100%, I’m so confused. I just want my car back. Anybody got more ideas?