Axle Seal Leak...Do it yourself?


My girlfriend has a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a Right Rear Axle Seal Leak. The car failed inspection because of this. They also said she needed new rear brakes (disks and rotors) because the right side one was contaminated do to the leak. She has 2 quotes: $1600 & $1200. Big difference, should it be cheaper?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


This is either a $150 job or a $350 job depending if the axle is retained by an internal keeper or not. If there is a cover on the back of the rear end, it’s a $350 job.

You don’t need new rotors, just a set of new pads, which I included in the $350 estimate.

You mean they actually lifted the car and found that during a State Inspection? Amazing…Or was the R/R wheel covered with oil?


That contaminated brakes buisness sounds a little fishy to me. I don’t really see how the brakes could get contaminated in any way that couldn’t be decontaminated with brake cleaner.

As for doing it yourself, I’d look at a service manual. Sometimes they’re easy to do and sometimes not.