AWD Subaru Impreza

My daughter recently bought a 2005 Subaru Impreza from the dealer in Syracuse. The car makes a grinding sound when you turn it hard to the left or to the right. Otherwise it drives fine. Is this the all wheel drive?

It could mean there is a problem with the CV joints up front. I suggest you have the trouble checked out as soon as you can.

The Subaru all wheel drive system should not make grinding noises, or any other unusual noises at any time. The AWD system should be “invisible.” The driver shouldn’t notice it’s there.

There are problems which can cause unusual noises, but noises are not part of normal operation.

How many miles on this Impreza, and does it have a manual or automatic transmission?

it has about 49,000 miles and is an automatic

Definitely under powertrain warranty(5yrs/60k). Get it looked at by dealer before 60k miles.

Are all four tires matched in size/make/model/tread depth?

Well, hopefully it is under warranty.

From the many posts in this forum from people who do not maintain their cars correctly, I have come to the conclusion that all too many cars are poorly maintained.

In the event of a warranty claim, the current owner must produce evidence of maintenance according to “the book”. On a used vehicle, that can be difficult or impossible to substantiate.

I’ll have her check the tires (she’s in another state and this is her first car) but she’ll definitely take it to the dealer thanks