1997 Subaru Impreza i series questions


I have driven Subarus before, but only a 1993, so I’ve never driven AWD before. I bought this car New this year, currently have ~2500 miles on it. This is an automatic.

When I drive the car, I’m hearing a kind of noticable, but not loud, whirring noise from under the car - is this the AWD? I never heard this kind of noise from my 2WD cars, but it is similar to a relatives truck when in 4WD mode.

I park on a hill. I sort of have to. I always use the parking break as indicated in the manual. When I release the parking break, my foot is always on the main brakes. I then shift from park to reverse, there is kind of a clunking noise and a little jerk backwards. Is this normal?

It’s also somewhat hard to get a smooth acceleration out of this car. It seems to almost always hesitate a split second before “going”, though usually that seems to be to downshift. Even when I try and very lightly use the gas, I get a sort of hesitation and then it seems to “jerk” upshift/downshift around 30mph. It’s like I can drive “aggresively”, but not “economically” easily. Is this just the car, or should I look into this?

Also, it’s started to make a plastic rattle noise on the passenger front when driving, doesn’t really matter speed, 30-60mph is the same, pretty much if there are any bumps or whatever there is the rattling. Is this something that would be covered under Warrenty?


Damn, my brain farted here - I meant 2007 Impreza.


The AWD system is not supposed to make noise of any kind. You shouldn’t be able to tell it’s working.

The transmission should shift smoothly and not “jerk” or clunk.

I suggest you take the car to the dealer and have these issues addressed under warranty.