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Right Turn Rattle/ Grinding Only When Accelerating

Hello All,

Recently bought a 2003 Subaru Impreza TS with 112k and have been experiencing issues from day 1. The one that I haven’t been able to resolve started after a new muffler was installed, inexplicably. Ever since then, every time I have accelerated into a right turn, a loud grinding/ rattling can be heard and felt in the car. It does not vibrate through the steering wheel but seemingly through the center of the vehicle.
I’ve had the entire car looked at a few times, have had ball joints replaced, tires balanced and rotated, alignment fixed and no one seems to be able to touch it. It’s actually gotten worse now to where after I make the turn, the noise continues for the duration of my drive, getting particularly loud when I accelerate.
I have fortunately not spent a fortune trying to fix this as my dealer has done most maintenance free of charge at this point but I gotta get this worked out eventually.

Anyone have any ideas or similar stories? All help is greatly appreciated.

@Souparu it sounds like you may have a bad axleshaft, or possibly a bad bearing.

This could be as simple as a loose heat shield on the exhaust system.
The detail about this only happening on right turns is not consistent with that symptom, but everything else that the OP mentioned does point toward a heat shield problem.

Heat shield is a good idea but it could be bad motor mount or loose exhaust bracket causing exhaust to rumble and hit where it shouldn’t be a hitting.