Rotating noise

When I drive my 2006 turbo charged subaru impreza wrx (3.5 years old, 39k miles) in city driving between 25-35mph at 1.5k rev/min, there is a noise. It sounds like there is something attached to the axle, and when the axle rotates, it sounds like something is hitting the ground. I looked, nothing is attached to the axle. It is about 2x/sec… the sound is mid car, not near the engine. I notice when I gently press the brake (and/or release the brake), the sound terminates.

Any ideas/solutions? Thanks

Could be the brakes are wearing and are going to need service soon. It also could be CV joint or bearings.

Is that Impreza AWD (is there even a AWD version of the Impreza?

yes, it is awd. when i tap the brake the noise stops. the sound is also mid car, doesn’t really sound like it’s coming from the brakes.

It sounds like drivetrain issue or a warped disc or dislocated brake pad.

Realize you are under full powertrain warranty currently so visiting the dealer may not be a bad thing. The brakes are no longer covered though.

even though the sound is mid car it could be a dislocated brake pad? ty