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2002 Chevy Impala

For the last few months I have been feeling rather than hearing a “grinding” noise coming from what I believe is the left front wheel. The noise only occurs when I am accelerating AND making a turn to the right. It happens whether it is a gentle turn or more sharp of a turn.

Any guesses?

It’s likely a CV joint. It needs to be looked at to tell for sure.

Don’t wait; If you are near a Midas you can trust, they would be able to diagnose it and repair it for a resonable price. Don’t go to the dealer; his price will be roughly 100% higher.

Sound like your problem? let me know how you make out.

About 15000 miles ago my 2001 Impala with 92000 mi. developed a noise in the front end that only occured when turning right and sounded like a bad CV joint.I replaced both CV axles to no avail.Now the list…replaced strut assemblies,hub bearings,steering shaft,steering gear,control arms,rotors and pads, all to no avail. Took car to tranny shop who said noise was in differential. He rebuilt transaxle. Still making same noise. Took car to Chevy dealer.They said noise was in tranny. Went back to trans. shop and he replaced tranny. Still has noise. Tranny guy had TSB on engine cradle, said it was making noise, Replaced cradle. Still have noise. HELP!!!

what does this mean? “TSB on engine cradle”

GM put out a technical service bulletin outlining noises from engine cradle. See attached.

I had a similar problem with my 2002 Impala at 32000 miles.Its still under warranty so I took it to the dealer. Heres what the invoice says.
Customer states:Sometimes when sitting at a stop and starts to move slowly service traction control light will come on and stays on for a little while: Also hears a grinding noise.scan for codes c1225 left front wheel speed variation c1232 left front speed sensor open or shorted. Open in left front whel speed sensor. Replaced hub and bearing assembly. GMPP
I was also having electrical problems with the defroster fan and cruise control at the same time as the grinding noise problem. They replaced the ignition switch and It solved the problem. whether they’re related or not I don’t know. I also had to have the steering shaft replaced twice. Felt thumping in the steering wheel. They claim the last shft finally has a new design and it should solve my other problem.

Possibly wheel bearing.

I’ll second the wheel bearing recommendation.

Out of curiosity, do you live where it snows fairly heavily? It could be your tire rubbing against packed snow and ice inside your wheel well. Similar sounds come from my 01 Impala, and it’s just the tire rubbing on the ice and snow.