Average cost for brake job (Front and rear, rotors and pads)

2009 Toyota Camry 150K miles

What is the average cost to get front and rear brake rotors and pads replaced at a shop?

Edited: Chicago & aftermarket. I got estimates online but doesn’t say per or both axles. I just need a ball park figure.

It all depends on the shop you use , the brand of parts , your location and if any other work needs to be done besides those items. You will just have to get estimates on your own.

Go here… Repairpal.com

It depends on location.

Enter your info here and you’ll get some idea.


Parts – Front pads, $75 for the set. Rear pads, $50. About $100 each for the rotors.
Labor – 1 hour front, one hour rear pads. 1-1.5 hours for all four rotors.

There could be add’l expense if the parking brake shoe, cables, etc. need service.

I usually use www.yourmechanic.com/ to get an estimate. They do not serve all zip codes so I use the one where they serve.

I paid $235 for parts+labor for 2006 sentra front brake job. This mechanic’s charge is lower side, but consider around 300, depending on where you live and how much is hourly labor…

I paid ~$240 for front brake pads and rotors for a 2006 Toyota Sienna at my independent mechanic. Honestly it was less than I expected.

Ed B.

My Indy would charge about $750, give or take.

Sometimes there are brake specialty shops that will do it for around $90 per axle, but that’s not in the Chicago market, and I’d expect them to try to upsell you on things you might or might not need.

On the other hand, if all you need are new brake pads (and shoes if the rear brakes are drum brakes), and you can find an experienced friend to help you just replace the pads/shoes, you might be able to do the entire job for less than $40 in parts and $15 in beer.

It depends on the quality of those parts.Cheap parts will cost you more in the long run because you might need to replace them sooner.Replacing rotors and pads is not a difficult job if you have some guidance the first time you do it.

Prices for this vary GREATLY… These days brakes alone usually cost around $75-100 per wheel is what I am noticing lately. Including Rotors its usually not too much more than the cost of the parts since they have the car semi apart already.

Shops make a tidy profit on brakes… Just a fact of life…

And that is why asking for prices on a forum is just a waste of time . The OP is in Chicago and that covers a lot of area. It would not be unexpected to find a large variation of prices from near downtown to suburbs.
Just to pass time I looked at a price site and for pads only it said between 211.00 and 344.00 . How much help is that .


I could not agree mor @VOLVO_V70

Yes. some garages charge alot and some charge less

I think brake pads are one of the few exceptions to this rule.

In the past, when I’ve farmed out the work and gotten more expensive pads, they’ve warped the rotors in short order. When I do my own brake work and only replace the pads with cheap ones, the rotors never seem to warp.

I’d rather replace the pads every 10,000 miles than have to replace the pads and rotors every 20,000 miles.

The important thing to remember is that, when you only replace the pads, you will have to seat the pads to the rotors before they make full contact and work as well as they should.