2011 Toyota Camry - How much for brakes?

How much should it cost to replace front brakes, including labor?

Since you did not say where you are located an internet guess is useless . You just have to call a few local shops and most likely they will want to do a diagnostic of some kind before they even make an estimate. Do not use a chain place like Firestone but a local independent brake shop with good reviews.

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According to kbb.com, Figure $200-250 at an independent shop, maybe a bit less at a chain, assuming there are no unforeseen problems. 2011 Toyota Camry Brake Repair Prices & Cost Estimates | Kelley Blue Book (You can enter your zip code to get a more accurate price.) Honestly, you don’t have an exotic car so even a chain shop should be able to handle the job. Do beware of a super low price because it means they’re cutting corners.

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Depends on here you live. Around here (Buffalo NY area) you never need just pads. Because of the road salt, pads and rotors are a minimum and you won’t get that done for $200. I was feeling lazy two years ago and took my 2012 Camry to my mechanic for front brakes.

Pads ,rotors and calipers, $550. I knew the dust boots were torn so I was not surprised about the calipers. When the rears needed doing last year I did it myself, pads and rotors were only about $75.

Not if her car needs new rotors, and it wouldn’t be too unusual for those to be needed.
Also, a brake fluid flush may be overdue and that would add to the cost.

Brake pad replacement on my wife’s 2006 Toyota Sienna was around $125 to 150 the first time (a few years back). The pads and rotors were replaced at the next service for $350.

My daughter’s 2010 Cobalt front pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines were replaced last year for ~$850 w/tax. It seemed high but I looked at the receipt the cost of parts and labor seemed fair for the amount of work done.

Best to find an independent mechanic to do the work. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations.

Ed B.

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OTOH, the local Car-X will do a basic job for about $110. That leaves a fair amount of wiggle room for up charges.

I’m not familiar with Car-X, but there are joints around here that also advertise low-ball prices for brake jobs, and the upsell inevitably costs customer a LOT more than the advertised price. And, whether the customer agrees to the upsell or not, the brake pads at those cheapo places are… let’s just say… not the best.

If you call around for quotes at different shops, make sure they’re quoting the same job and parts, as a “brake job” can vary as seen below.

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