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Cost of Brakes and Rotors

2005 Toyota Camry XLE

I recently had my rear brakes and rotors replaced - not the front. Total cost was $375 including parts and labor. This seems high to me but … then again … what do I know and this is why I am here.

Does the price sound reasonable?

Thank you for your comments and help.

If they used OEM parts for both the rotors and pads, that’s a very reasonable price for parts and labor it seems to me. Even if they used aftermarket parts, that isn’t too much out of line. Especially if they guarantee to fix and squealing brake problems that might develop.

Please break down your bill…Pads, rotors, labor…? How many miles on your car?

Sounds just about right. Rotors roughly $85 each and $40 for pads. Probably 1.5hrs labor and taxes pus you right about $375.

That sounds like a typical cost to me as well.
Life is getting expensive. Quickly.

So what you are all saying is that I am cheap. LOL!

Seriously - thank you all for your help and comments.

Caddyman - Proacfan pretty much nailed the breakdown. 2-hours labor at $150, $160 for both rotors, and $65 for the pads. The car has 78K miles & this is the second rear brake replacement.

We call ourselves “frugal”.